Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wanderlust Wednesday: Honeymoon at Sandals Grand Antigua

I'm back (and I'm married...say what?!)

Sunday we returned from our Honeymoon at the Sandals Grande Antigua and we had such an amazing time that when Kate & Emily mentioned that Wanderlust Wednesday was coming back, I thought it would be the PERFECT opportunity to share our experience.

Antigua is an island nation in the Caribbean Sea that is about a 4 hour plane ride from JFK in New York.  It is pretty far away as far as Caribbean islands are concerned and its placement makes the weather just UNREAL.  See that top picture? Yup, that was the weather EVERY SINGLE DAY. 86 and sunny with passing clouds and a nice breeze. What could be better than that.

The grounds of the resort were absolutely breathtaking.  Everywhere you turned there were palm trees, flowers, and tropical plants (and not to mention very friendly kitties). The entire time we were at the resort it felt like we were at some secret oasis.  And the water was so blue! We spent a few nights just sitting near the water (with a drink in hand of course) just looking out and admiring our surroundings. 

Sandals Grande Antigua has to "parts" to it.  The Caribbean Village and the Mediterranean Village. The Med Village is newer and all the rooms on that side are club level.  Club rooms are a little bigger, a little nicer, and come with a bar in the room that gets restocked daily! We stayed on the Med Village side, but both sides of the resort were just gorgeous! We spent a lot of time just walking around and taking it all in!

This was both of our first times staying at a Sandals property and I was just so impressed by the level of service and by the quality of the food and drink. Everyone on staff was just so nice.  Always saying hello, asking if we needed anything, singing and dancing behind the bar, and generally just looking like they really enjoyed their jobs! There is no tipping at Sandals (unless you have a butler) which was hard to get used to, but absolutely amazing! Sandals might be the only "true" all inclusive resort out there! There are 11 restaurants on site and we had great experiences at all the ones we visited! We loved Cafe de Paris for breakfast (lattes and bagels with cream cheese, lox, and cucumber) and the sushi at Soy was amazing! We also really enjoyed the breakfast buffet at Bayside...the view was unbelievable! 

And the drinks were DELICIOUS! We were treated with champagne right when we waked in the door, attended a wine tasting one night, and probably tried every frozen drink on the menu! And believe me, they are NOT skimping on the "good stuff".

We did venture off resort for one AMAZING exclusion! We zip-lined, kayaked, and snorkeled with a small group of couples from our resort and it was so nice to get to know people, explore the island, and be a little physical. The zip lining was my absolute favorite! So fun and so out of my usual comfort zone! I highly recommend it! 

All in and I cannot say enough about Antigua and Sandals. I would absolutely recommend this resort to any couple looking for a fun and relaxing vacation.  I also cannot wait to go back to Sandals...

hoping to try Sandals Whitehouse in the near future!


Monday, June 22, 2015

Honeymoon Must-Haves

We leave for our Honeymoon a week from today (eep!) and I have been in CT since last Thursday. That means I not only had to pack for 9 days at home, but also my honeymoon all in one suitcase.

I did manage to get it all in a carry-on...that's right people, a carry on. Hold your applause.

I was able to do it by really focusing on the essentials and packing essentials that would get a lot of use, but also be VERY space-effective.  The upside of an island vacation (Antigua here we come) is that summer clothes are tiny clothes.

Here are my honeymoon essentials:

Honeymoon Must-Haves

1. Victoria's Secret Bikinis: I have a large chest and these bikini tops are amazing! I love that I can mix and match them with different bottoms and have twice as many "different" bikinis depending on how I pair them.

2. Jean Shorts: You can wear these basically everywhere (except on the airplane, I have a strict no shorts on airplanes rule). They are great for the beach, for lounging around, or for adventuring.

3. Maxi Dress: We have a candlelit beach dinner planned one night of our trip. A maxi is easy to dress up or down, and is the perfect beach vacation dress.

4. Nikes: Great for the plane, the gym, walking around, or our kayak and zip line tour (I CANNOT WAIT) that we are taking.  And, they are basically the most comfortable shoe I have ever owned.

5. Summer Scarf: Great for the plane when it, inevitably, gets cold and the perfect accessory to jazz up any outfit. And its so light weight, it takes up NO space in your bag.

6. A Good Book: How else do you enjoy the beach/pool? Oh right, this plus a drink :)

7. A Beach Bag that Doubles as a Cute Catch-All: I always forget a bag to carry my beach/pool accessories. My mom got me this one for my honeymoon and it's not only adorable, but it holds EVERYTHING.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

I Only Write Poetry (Haikus) About Food

Pink sprinkle donut 
If you had less calories 
Eat you every day 
Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Tequila Sunrise Tuesday

I love myself a good cocktail, but I rarely make them at home because you need so many ingredients! But when I found this drink it looked A) Delicious and B) needed only a few extra ingredients that would be great additions to our bar anyway.  So basically, it was a win-win situation for me and our home bar (which is getting pretty well-stocked if I do say so myself).

The recipe was easy to follow, took minimal prep, and was delicious!  Also, how cute is it? This would be the perfect drink to serve at a summer party or a BBQ...very refreshing!

Tequila Sunrise Margarita 
3 cups orange liqueur
2 cups tequila
1 1/2 cups freshly squeezed lime juice
1 cup superfine sugar (or powdered sugar)
2 cups orange juice
Ice cubes
Grenadine syrup
  1. Rum a lime wedge around the rim of your serving glasses and then dip into coarse salt. Fill each glass with ice. Set aside.
  2. In a pitcher, mix together orange liqueur, tequila, lime juice, and sugar. Stir until sugar is completely dissolve. Stir in orange juice.
  3. Pour into the prepared glasses. Add 2 drops of grenadine syrup into each glass and wait until the grenadine settles at the bottom before serving.
    Martinis & Bikinis

Thursday, June 11, 2015

First Fabletics Review

Here they are ladies and first purchase from Fabletics!

Fabletics has, I feel, been everywhere lately: on my TV (how cute is that commercial with the little girl wearing workout clothes in the lunch room), on my Facebook, even on the girl in front of me at Pure Barre. Oh and in my email. A word to the wise, if and when you sign up for Fabletics they will send you A LOT of 2-3 a day.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

So I finally bit the bullet and got myself a pair of leggings and top (not pictured, but also super cute).

The top was one of those cute little guys with the bra built in and then the blowy sides.  I have a similar one from Lululemon and I will say I like the fit of the Fabletics one significantly more. It fit my chest WAY better (not always an easy accomplishment) and it wasn't too long so I felt like I was wearing a dress!

The crops are, visually, stunning.  I love the look and don't feel like the pattern is too much on my thighs (you ladies know what I am talking about). The quality is ok. I still like my Nike crops for high endurance/performance tasks like running and HIIT, but these crops are perfect for spin or barre class! 

While I don't know if I will ever wear the entire outfit as a's a little bit "too much" for me while working out. I love the two pieces separately! 

All and all I was SUPER pleased with my purchase and will be ordering from Fabletics again in the future...gotta keep up with all the cool girls in my Classpass classes!

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mini Frappacino: A Haiku

So small and tiny
now I can actually sip
Starbucks gets first place
Thursday, May 28, 2015

I Know, I'm the Worst

Guys, I know...I am awful. I basically fell off the face of the earth. I have so much to tell you. New workouts, trips to Disneyland, and oh yeah, the wedding...


On that note, I will leave you with this collage of me and the handsome man I get to marry.  I'll be back...I promise.


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